Our Story

About boombeds…

Our Story!

How and why we started boombeds!

Karla at boombeds!

We started boombeds with three main goals…  Like you, we are parents, and we wanted the best for our own kids but couldn’t find it in stores.  There were plenty of options for adults, but nothing for kids.  We decided to use our backgrounds in graphic design and industrial sewing to make them ourselves… And so boombeds was started.

The philosophy was simple – to create the absolute best duvet covers for kids; with full color imaginative designs; made out of the best materials; and still being affordable. We focused on quality above all else, and boombeds are Designed and Made in Canada.

As part of that, we wanted to create the boomworld club as a way to share discounts and enhance the boombeds experience; there will be world badges for collecting, stickers and other goodies.  It’s also a way for you to connect with us on future designs and we’d love to hear from you.

We are on a mission to bring amazing high quality imaginative boombeds to kids everywhere!  We hope you will join us on this exciting journey…


Our Goals

These are some of the goals we base everything on…

Fun in the workplace

We believe it’s extremely important to have fun with what we’re doing and enjoy what we do.


Fun in the designs

We want our designs to be fun and inspiring, to bring a smile to a child’s face and lift their spirits. 


Quality above all!

Quality is our number one driving factor. We make every decision with quality in mind.

Happy & Inspired Kids!

We believe kids need fun and laughter as well as inspiration so they can unlock their potential and be all they can be!

Our Team!

We are passionate about what we do, and believe in inspiring every kid with bright, positive, uplifting beds.

The team that make boombeds special…



Lead Artist

Tysen brings his creative eye and atmospheric concepting skills to a number of the worlds and characters.



Senior Artist

Danielle was instrumental in creating the Dino Dinks world, with its cute characters and unique look.



Production Director

Karla handles all the production of boombeds,  sourcing the finest materials, and crafting each bed in our studio.



Creative Director

Shareef creates the worlds and characters using his background in films, games and TV to create unique and fun creations.

The best duvet covers for kids!

The best nights sleep for kids…

At boombeds we strongly believe good sleep is extremely important for healthy development and growth for kids… and with boombeds we do that with a touch of fun!

Bad sleep can affect so many factors, making kids irritable, impatient, and even stunt growth and brain development.  It is one of the most important aspects of childhood, and the thing we are striving to improve.

Many Doctors and Sleep Studies have shown the importance of getting a full 8-10 hours of sleep for kids, but the quality of the sleep is also just as important as the quantity…

Surrounding kids in bright, colorful and inspiring designs stimulates healthy growth and imagination. They dream better, and wake up more refreshed!

Let Your Kids Be The Best They Can Be!

Give your kids the best nights sleep, promote healthy development and growth!

Create. Inspire. Dream!

boombeds! - About - Why we believe good kids sleep is crucial!

At boombeds we believe good sleep is extremely important for healthy development and growth for kids... and with boombeds we do that with a touch of fun!