Our Story!

How and why we started boombeds!


We started boombeds with three main goals…  Like you, we are parents, and we wanted the best for our own kids but couldn’t find it in stores.  There were plenty of options for adults, but nothing for kids.  We decided to use our backgrounds in graphic design and industrial sewing to make them ourselves… And so boombeds was started.

The philosophy was simple – to create the absolute best duvet covers for kids; with full color imaginative designs; made out of the best materials; and still being affordable. We focused on quality above all else, and boombeds are Designed and Made in Canada.

We are on a mission to bring amazing high quality imaginative boombeds to kids everywhere!  We hope you will join us and try out a boombeds for your child…


Give your kids the best start!

A good nights sleep with Fun and Inspiring designs promotes healthy development and growth!

Healthy Rest

Kids need good sleep

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