Baby T-Rex
Baby T-Rex

Baby T-Rex

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Baby TRex hatches in a prehistoric dinosaur world.  This is the Dino Dinks world, a fun and quirky prehistoric collection.

    All boombeds are Duvet Covers that will fit over existing Comforters or Down Duvets.  The sizes here are the guides for the Twin (also single) or Queen (also Full/Double) sizes.  The snug of the fit will depend on your underlying comforter, with the size of the duvet covers as follows:

    Twin : 64" x 86" | Queen: 86" x 86"
    Twin : 164cm x 218cm | Queen: 218cm x 218cm 

    • 1 x Duvet Cover with your choice of design
    • 1 x Pillowcase with matching design
    • For a limited time, we are including a special mini-pillow with each cover!

    All boombeds come in premium packaging that doubles as a toy box, making it practical as well as beautiful.

    For a limited time, all bed covers come with a special Mini-Pillow:

    boombeds mini pillows
    boombeds made from Bamboo Rayon

    300 Thread Count | Sateen

    Made from 300 Thread Count Bamboo Rayon with a Sateen Weave, this is one of the smoothest, softest and most comfortable materials for bedding. 

    Baby T-Rex
    Baby T-Rex
    Baby T-Rex
    Baby T-Rex
    Baby T-Rex
    Baby T-Rex
    Baby T-Rex
    Baby T-Rex
    Baby T-Rex

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    A good nights sleep with Fun and Inspiring designs promotes healthy development and growth!

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    The world will be what all our children make. Give them the best start now!

    The boombeds experience...

    Fun | Imaginative

    This is the heart of the boombeds experience, allowing kids imaginations to be enthralled in these characters and worlds and in so doing promote a positiveuplifting, and creative sleeping environment.

    Premium | Materials

    We use premium materials and the best fabrics to make a luxury, comfortable experience.  Our designs are printed on cutting edge high resolution digital fabric printers, which gives the highest detail and vibrancy of colors.  Each cover is handmade with love and passion.

    Practical | Affordable

    We cut out retail to bring you premium bamboo beds with beautiful fun and inspiring designs! High quality for half the cost!  All covers are changeable as duvet covers, making them quick to change, easy to wash, and lets you change the mood of your room instantly!